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Do you want to know what CrossFit is? Know in detail what this revolutionary sporting method is about at the Crossfit LCS Official Website.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a new training method devised by fitness experts in the United States.

Each workout is different from the previous itself. This means that each workout is a different challenge.

The whole body works together. This training does not isolate the muscle work as when we exercise our body with conventional machines. The movements performed in CrossFit are used in everyday life, so that their results are much more effective.

It prepares the body to great efforts to overcome and thus will notice significant improvements in physical form from day one. Every day, new challenges are overcomed.

This is a training program that helps achieve several goals (weight loss, strengthen and tone muscles, increase cardiovascular fitness) because we do not specialize in specific physical skills, but we try to optimize all physical skills equally. Thus, apart from being in the best shape that you can reach, everyone is ready to overcome any obstacle.