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FAQ Crossfit LCS

Do you have questions and would like to know the answers? In the FAQ section you will find the answers to common questions about CrossFit.

What is the objective of the CrossFit Method?

The main objective of the CrossFit method is to improve the health of people by increasing the amount of physical work a person can do in a determined amount of time.

Thus improving the overall health of the person and the power to make a task faster means we're in better shape than before.

Do I need to be a trained person to practice CrossFit?

In no way is that true. At Reebok CrossFit BCN all workouts are scalable to any kind of physical condition. The important thing is not where we physically stand at the moment, but where you can go. Through our training plan the goal is getting to be a little more fit, with our structures and muscle chains increasingly integrated and that makes us be healthier.

What are the results from CrossFit?

At Reebok Crossfit BCN we're not focused on loosing those extra pounds.Our goal is to improve health by applying the Crossfit method.

Evidently, from the main goal, the other goals are derived. For example, those extra pounds will be lost, more muscla mass will be gain, back problems will go away...

Our health will improve by the day with the CrossFit method and, therefore, our image.

How do we CrossFit?

At CrossFit we combine three disciplines: gymnastics, where we do all kinds of exercises with the weight of our body (pull ups, push ups, squat air, ring dips ...), Weight lifting, working with elements and external weights (olympic lifts, kettlebells, sandbags ...) and metabolic pathways (aerobic and anaerobic).

Through the combination of different elements of these disciplines we can improve our ability to train and become more fit, thus improving our health.

What is the On Ramp formation? Is it necessary?

Without a doubt, it is. In the training given to any new member of the box we see the fundamentals of CrossFit, the elements being worked, anatomy, nutrition, we see the nine basic movements of Crossfit and we start to know the different types of training there.

Once this "On Ramp" training is done, the new crossfitter is ready to start working with this method and get the most out of training after being able to understand and know the basis of the method and fundamental movements.

Is CrossFit for me?

Absolutely, Crossfit is for everyone, thanks to its scalability everyone can train with the Crossfit method. All you have to do is adapt the exercises and intensity to the capabilities of each individual.

This is achieved by the structure of Crossfit sessions, in which we work in groups of 10 or 15 people and the entire session is guided by a certified instructor. The sessions are divided into two main parts, one of "skill" or skills we work new gestures, complex movements to be taking and improving our technique and the WOD itself.

Thus the crossfitter is in constant progression since in each session we learn new moves and techniques of how to perform and train.

Crossfit offers to anyone willing to improve their health a fun and effective way to do it.

Don't overthink it!